Anirudh mittal

Anirudh mittal


“In my childhood, I dreamed of doing something big, something that would make a difference and help numbers. But, it was when I was 18, I started with my entrepreneurial journey. I spent my time over percentage business and enhanced my skills in marketing and business.I started pursuing my career as an entrepreneur when I was in college. I remember taking freelance projects of digital marketing and also social media management while working my days over my academics too.From having healed from a toxic environment to an emotionally healthy state of mind, I invested my time into creating my very own company with the help of my two Co-founders, Bipasha Barik and Kruthika Nyasa. Our motive was to provide people with solutions associated with the business. We provide A to Z startup support including seed funding. It is a marketing and business development company which promotes business online and offline with proper strategies.It was a journey of the unknown into everything I've summed up to know for a while. However, now that I look back at the days where I was stuck in mere distress, moving out of my hometown to a whole new city was the turning point in life; it gave me a more fantastic opportunity to explore myself and the outer world.The biggest challenge I have faced is working this company out. To have many individuals at a place and have their ideas equally implemented. Our Co-founder Bipasha Barik is very practical, whereas our other Co-founder, Kruthika Nyasa, is very creative, and when you get the best of both worlds, it sometimes is hard to put the best of both on this platform. So, having to coordinate the ideas was one of the biggest challenges.Breathe, Live, and get lost into whatever makes you feel like home, find where you want to belong, go where your escape is, and give like there's no tomorrow.”

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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