Meghna Soni

Meghna Soni


“As a kid, I always dreamt of having my own company. Somehow my mind always had zillion creative ideas of various ways to earn. Once I sold handmade flowers to eat ice gola and did different such things in my childhood like opening a library and starting art classes. So I truly believe that entrepreneurship runs in my blood.I started my company in 2020. The pandemic affected almost all the businesses; of course, the magnitude of its effect was different on different industries. In this time of disruption, what became evident was skills, that matter more are not the hard skills but soft skills, which are also known as the essential skills. And as Upskilling became the need of the hour, with technology booming like never before, my startup was born.As my entrepreneurial journey began, I started working on the Digital mode of training; after finalising the entire framework about the company's mission, vision, and goals, I started assessing the market requirement and did a series of Instagram live as lockdown learnings. It not only helped me get the market scenario but also connected me with many potential customers.The challenge that all entrepreneurs face, and even I faced, is cash flow management, especially when your startup is in its infant stage. I had no Funding for my startup. My startup is all self-funded with my earnings. So the most significant challenge or the leap of faith comes when you have to abandon your stable income job to follow your dream.My startup is my most significant achievement. I believe every wish can be accomplished if you have courage, relentless determination, and persistence. Always remember why you started.My Message to all the Entrepreneurs out there is that there will be many bumps on the road during your entrepreneurial journey, many pitfalls, but one thing I can assure you is that the journey will be worth it.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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