Manoj Kumar Chandak

Manoj Kumar Chandak

Dwarikadhish Creation

“As a kid, my mother used to send me to my father's office. Home tutors taught me there, and our beloved managers and staff also became my teachers. Here I learned fast calculations and quick table reading. Goods, money counting, and bill checking had made me the best in mathematics. Also, the urge to become an entrepreneur was born in my mind.I thought of becoming an entrepreneur after completing my graduation. My parents were sad to see the labourers leaving their villages and leading a painful life without family to work. So we thought of working for them. The idea was, there should be many factories in the village so they can work without disturbing their cultivation.Farmers are entirely dependent on agriculture. But due to climatic reasons, they are not involved in farming throughout the year. I believe that India can prosper when these farmers can use their skills in the industry without giving up agricultural work. Therefore, I have started a campaign keeping in mind a small picture so that small units can be prepared in their house and they can be made owners. The unit's place should be near their agricultural land or in one part of their habitat without wasting the fertilized land. Due to this plan, they can give more time to increase productivity. My startup is serving as a manufacturer, subsidiary unit, assembler, and supplier for the brand as per their requirements for male hosiery underwear / innerwear.As an entrepreneur, you might hear people criticize your ideas or second-guess your plans. Some will constantly evaluate all your business decisions and say they could have done better. Some will criticise you personally, discouraging you from pursuing your dreams. However, the biggest challenge I overcame is the fiscal deficit and working with zero investment. We will soon see Indian farmers who don't want free subsidies, free grants, and donations but want a bigger market for their products.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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