Suryansh Singhal , Pranav Singhal

Suryansh Singhal , Pranav Singhal

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“I was born and raised in a business family; all our family talks are business-centric only. Nevertheless, business finds its way even on the dinner table, so from the very beginning, I was sure that one day I would be an entrepreneur.I always incentivize myself contemplating other prosperous business bellwethers and investors. I endeavour to learn from their struggling phase. For me, the turning point was when I was isolated during the lockdown. I utilized my leisure time by acquiring different skill sets and implementing them in my life. I launched my startup on 18 September 2020, but I was working on it way before. I started investing my entire days in my startup, and now it came out beautifully. Everything I do today is somewhat related to my career as an entrepreneur.There were many ups and downs in my journey, but I always stayed motivated. Moreover, I keep a note of my failures and readdress them, and now, I am running a prosperous Digital Marketing Company. Furthermore, I always try to keep myself updated. I have a mixed team of business professionals and digital marketing experts that genuinely care about each other, our clients, and the results.I have many fabulous content writers who contribute their time and efforts to create/ write amazing blogs for our website. Additionally, I have few permanent clients; I developed their website, and I am managing them to date.All my clients are heavily benefited from my digital services, and they are pleased with my work. I have helped them generate genuine business leads, online sales, increased offline sales, and most importantly, an affordable web presence.Notably, the only Life Mantra I believe is Smart work. I always have an optimistic outlook on life.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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