Jalpa Vaibhav Oza

Jalpa Vaibhav Oza

NEXT LEVEL coaching classes by Jalpa Oza

“All my life I dreamed of being a perfect mother to a kid and be able to give everything I have, to my child.I grew up teaching my friends and cousins, and that made me realise, I have a natural inclination to teach but I wanted to learn professional methods of teaching so that I can be the perfect teacher for my child.I knew being married, I will have to develop the courage to stand up for myself for attending a college to learn a professional course. But after facing all odds I was successful to secure B.Ed degree from one of the best college in Mumbai.After my cousre, I worked for various schools as a teacher, academic counselor, coordinator and Math HOD as well. I was blessed to be loved by my students and their parents for my teaching methods. In this journey, I also trained lot of teachers.I quit my last job in March 2020, and while I was looking for a new job, sudden lockdown was announced leaving no vacancy in any school.I continued tutoring students, but while hunting for a job I realised why don't I work towards my goals instead of doing a job for someone else and thus, in May 2020, I gave my tutorial a brand name, NEXT LEVEL Coaching Classes, and professionally stepped into the world of entrepreneurship with a mission to stimulate love for learning!I think Math is a life skill and not just a subject and being an entrepreneur it helps me follow my pedagogy instead of just completing syllabus in school.Being an entrepreneur allows me to create my own definition of success.I strongly believe, "Teachers are citizen builders and they can transform life."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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