Dr Ria Das

Dr Ria Das


“Since childhood, I have been very creative and dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. However, I took up psychology by chance and started loving the subject. Art had dominated my life, and luckily I got an opportunity to work with children and youth where I started creative counselling methods for their psychological well-being and wanted to start my own counselling method, which I termed as "Creative Counselling".I decided to pursue entrepreneurship two years back when I realised the importance of spreading Mental Health awareness and making "Psychology" reach more people since it always had been in the backseat. I genuinely believe in the essentiality of our mind, mainly because it's intangible and cannot be easily observed by others, making it even more interesting and important to study. Thus I felt a community would help my dream grow wings, and this is how I launched my startup along with my fantastic team Atri, Tista and Roshmija, who had been my loving students once.With my wonderful team and audience, the journey has been beautiful. First, we went by what our heart yearned for, and soon we bonded with several people in our country and abroad. We aim to provide free valuable resources and have been successful as well in doing so. The pandemic allowed us to bond with people online, and distance was no longer a barrier. However, we are still young, and there is a long way to go.Introduction to the online world has been both a boon and a bane. We often felt the need for physical meetings, workshops, and events during the pandemic, but it was impossible due to the lockdown. Procuring materials and resources was a big challenge, ultimately delaying the entire planning and commencement.Taking care of yourself is not limited to your physical health; it also includes your mental health. Taking care of your Mental Health is essential because, in the end, it's your mind that gives you a sound sleep.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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