Priya Lalwani

Priya Lalwani

Pinks and Blues

“I started my journey as an engineering graduate and took up an internship soon after my graduation. While I was working there I realized that I have a strong inclination towards fashion and writing as well. So, to cater to these passions of mine I decided to look for something in this field. I ended up working for a magazine based out of Chhatisgarh and it turned out to be great for me.I wasn't only writing about fashion in the company, I was writing about everything but I was doing fashion blogging as well. For me As I continued to work there, the people of the magazine were impressed with my work and even promoted me to become their social media manager. This was truly a life-altering moment for me.In this job, I realized that I am someone who is always trying to help people and look at the positive aspects of everything. I like to spread happiness and bring joy to those who are worried and sad. The pandemic kind of fuelled my motives as there was only negative and bad news surrounding us. I always felt the need for a positive source of information in my life and thought that there might be others like me who would want the same. So, I began my journey as the harbinger of positivity in people's everyday lives.I am running a media and entertainment website with the name of Pinks and Blues that spreads the positive aspects of the world in front. Plus helping emerging businesses and artists get their online presence strong by any means. We also provide social media planners, campaign ideas, and online consultancies to the people who are in trouble."Trust your instincts and trust your family."

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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