Furquan Faizy

Furquan Faizy

Frontier Infosys

“I was a kid who always wanted to do something unique but never thought of a startup. My story takes a turn in class seventh when I got to know about programming and started gathering information from YouTube videos and random lectures. It was this time that I decided it was my field that I was interested in. I started with spending time on development and learning about different kinds of applications. I approached a few companies for internship and got selected at work as a junior developer in tech master and afterward as a full stack developer in universal smart service, after getting experience, I started my company when I was in class 8, I got clients from all over India and served for companies like ‘Here and now’.After starting my company I had two problems; first about my primary education since I was still in 9th grade and the other one was about my working life so I made a proper schedule to manage studies as well as work and now it’s been around one and half years I have successfully served 50 + clients.One of my biggest challenges was to get clients as a lot of experienced companies were dealing in the same sector and also competing with experience and time so it was never easy for me as none of the clients wanted to work with a young schoolboy with a no experience face, although I had experience of making websites but still I was very young to approach and convince clients, to overcome time, I prepared whole list of unique selling point that created a distinct boundary between my agency and others.Since my motto was to never make a profit but to help, I offered services at least prices with the best possible services and support. There is no perfect time if I would have waited to complete primary education. I could have never been able to start my own company. And please don’t do things that people want you to do, people’s opinions matter but this should not control your life. Eventually it’s your life so make a decision and go ahead.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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