Debabrata Ray, Taniya Ray & Debasmita Ray

Debabrata Ray, Taniya Ray & Debasmita Ray

Ocean's Surprise

“A Hotel Management graduate of the year 2004, I have experience of 15+ years in this field. I’ve even worked with big players like Ramada, Raddison, Hyatt, Hilton, and cruise liners also. The jobs took me across the globe and proved to be a great learning opportunity.While working with Hyatt, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur appealed to me. I’d always been wanting to start a business for myself but never had a plan. So, when I got the idea of how the products are priced and presented to the customers, it intrigued me.After I spent a considerable amount with the commercial, costing and purchase departments, I realized that the seafood was overpriced and expensive. Digging through the problem I realized that the supply chain logistics was the root cause of the problem along with innumerable middle man involved in the ecosystem.The idea of launching the brand started in 2018. We researched the sustainable sources and did the groundwork to align our vendors. Finally, in 2020, my wife and I arranged for the capital and started our business, with our first outlet of Ocean's Surprise in the Historic City of Vijaywada. I even learned to clean and cut fish as a part of the job. My wife took care of the Relations part of the company and I took care of the Operations part. With the success that we saw and the demand for different products, we were able to expand our portfolio from 1 fish (Pulasa/Hilsa) to 45 exotic varieties of seafood in Jan 2021 along with Mutton and Chicken. As we don’t engage a middle man in our business and deliver to the customers directly so that we can provide the services and products at reasonable prices. This has also played an important role in establishing our customer relations and increase our reach. Be honest with your work. Take care of your employees, who will, in turn, take care of your customers, and the customers will take care of your business’ well-being.”

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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