Anubha Sharma

Anubha Sharma

Angel Xpress Foundation

"As a child, all I knew was that I wanted to do something and be somebody. I was immensely inspired by the Prodigal Daughter and wanted to be successful, I felt strongly that the life of a housewife was not something I was prepared to settle for. In those days being a housewife meant that for all practical purposes you were a nobody without a say and I could not bear to be that person. I was also inspired by the story of someone who had adopted 5 street kids and changed their life. I was deeply disturbed by the deep social divide and wanted to do something where I could make a difference.After 20 years of a corporate career, I was no longer enjoying what I was doing and I felt that something had to change. I decided to take a break for a year but the life of leisure soon began to pall, I was itching to do something that felt useful. An old friend suggested using this time to check out the social space which I had neglected to explore.On my morning walks, daily, I would see some children sitting on mats and a few adults teaching them on the seaside promenade. “The universe is showing you signs that could guide you to your purpose,” my spiritual teacher told me “I don’t think you will go back to Kolkata or to a job ever again, this is the only thing I can see you do from now on”. I was frankly disbelieving and found what he had told me quite incredible. However, I decided to use the time I still had left from my sabbatical for a social experiment. After that things fell in place with so much ease that finally I became at home with the decision to give up my career for good to take up working for this cause instead; I started Angel Xpress Foundation to create a bridge between people who wanted to help and kids who needed help. My message is that “ It is in all our interest to live in a less unequal world and each one of our responsibility to work towards it in some manner or form. We provide contributions meaningfully to the benefit of society as a whole.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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