Chitrak kumar

Chitrak kumar

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“I was on the run to get a high paying job and settle with a healthy life but also knew that I wanted to do something big in life and was serious about it since childhood because of this I took a lot of risks in his life-like pursuing a lucrative degree which was not even related to my subject and whose values got degraded due to government policies, as time passed I left the job to pursue CAT but destiny had different plans for me as I got selected to one of the IIM's, after graduating from IIM, while doing a job I realized that even if I was on a good paying job I was not doing anything in life and the meantime I got exposed to fascinating start-ups and within the community which grabbed my attention, since tin due to my desire.While I was in the market I realized that every aspiring entrepreneur first gets a solution and then he/she tries to find while I was working on building my first venture I knew that launching a startup was easier than finding a mentor because the market was filled with wannabe mentors who wouldn’t be of any value because the market was filled with wannabe mentors who wouldn’t be of any value but instead keep their eyes on your money or equity I solved this issue and added real value to the venture by helping young entrepreneurs in idea generation and validation in the process of launching the MVP’s while preparing them for fundraising”.My message is “don’t fall into to rat race of doing a high paying job. Always remember and always believe that rather than devoting 8-9 hours a day to a job if you spend the same time in doing any of the small businesses with great strategy and desire to do something big trust me anybody can do big in his her life”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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