Dipak Barkale

Dipak Barkale

WillStar Media

“If you want to start a business, then you need crores of money after listening to this statement from my father, I just forgot about starting my own business and started studying and preparing to get an ordinary job. I was preparing for my CAT exams. But in this process, one day I read the success story of Ritesh Agarwal, and that day I learned something - & I quote, “ If you have an atmosphere filled with smart people or if you read about them, then nothing is impossible because that is what you need’ - Strong motivation.“My first startup was an internship portal where students will get an internship or free training from companies in their surrounding areas. But, it failed badly. one day I met Mangesh Shinde, who is my business partner in my current venture which is Will Star Media, we started our first startup together which was a content broadcasting service on our YouTube channel but Our startup failed badly, but the YouTube channel went viral and we achieved the milestone of 1 million subscribers in just 6 months. In the last two years, we started three new companies which provided multiple services in the media industry. WellStar Media is a marketing company that provides services like influencer marketing, digital marketing, talent management, and social media management. Our second company is Resolution Studios which provides creating services like video production, graphics designing, animation, and content writing to the brands. And the third company is Blue Eye Entertainment which is creating content in multiple categories on YouTube and social media.” My message is that “ Our dreams are BIG and we’re working towards it. believing in yourself is very important. , if you want to play a long-term game, then you need to stay fit physically, mentally, and spiritually from the starting stage. Because, if you put your daily 120% in your work, then these things matter for keeping your motivation high and focus on perseverance to do things and explore.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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