Lakshita Katariya

Lakshita Katariya

The Artsy Co.

“As a kid, I've always loved doing things that were different, things that required patience and creativity, and naturally, growing up I realized that I wanted to pursue a career where I can capitalize on my thirst for creativity. I loved the idea of exploring new things every day, did a lot of trial and error, certainly failed many times but always learned something out of it. combination of creativity and art.I had completed my Master’s Diploma in Interior Designing. I'm an Interior Designer by Profession and an Artist at Heart. So when I started recalling everything that I've loved doing while growing up, to see and build a bridge for the artist in me to travel to the real world, The joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of getting Be it, family or friends, I never missed an opportunity to gift them something that had a personal touch of its own This was the perfect opportunity for me. It's something I loved and believed in. The Artsy Co. was started in September 2020 and was the best decision ever, The journey so far has been incredible. The overwhelming response, appreciation of clients, encouragement, and support of family/ friends have kept me going. With every success, some challenges come on the way. Failures are a very important part of any journey.As a women entrepreneur, it was quite challenging to start my small business brand amidst the lockdown. But contrary to my presumptions, it got an overwhelming response I'm extremely grateful to my clients who always helped me grow and gave my brand a chance through loads of orders and honest feedback. Would like to thank my audience for recognizing the love and effort that's put into curating every floral arrangement, frame, and hamper. My message is that “Trust your intuition and follow your dream, they know the way"

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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