Neeraja Pandiaraj

Neeraja Pandiaraj

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“ During my college days, I was not sure about getting placed in companies. The main reason is that my mom has been a tailor for the past 23 years. She is my main inspiration for being financially independent and also in becoming an entrepreneur. And that is why choose my career in fashion and design. And once the pandemic hit I had to resign from my job and return to my hometown. That's when I thought this is the right time to start my venture.I always had thoughts about sustainable fashion. Initially, it was difficult to convince people about Herbal Sanitary Pads. Since it is a very new concept, they were not willing to try it out. But slowly as it reached more women, through word of mouth it got spread rapidly. The biggest challenge was resigning from my high-paying job. That shift from being financially independent and suddenly becoming jobless was really difficult. But I had to do it because the situation in Mumbai was worse. But with my family support, that is when I started my Entrepreneur journey.Also, periods being taboo in our Nation, starting my career in that field was difficult but after a few months, people around me started encouraging me for what I do. Speaking about menstruation was the only thing I was focused on. In 8 months we have close to 100 recurring customer bases. That is a big achievement for our team.“ We, at Natura Hygiene Products, believe PERIODS POLLUTION IS NOT A WOMEN'S ISSUE BUT A GLOBAL ISSUE. Periods should be normalized and there is nothing to be ashamed of."

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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