Semoni Shah

Semoni Shah

Aaru Jewels

"My story starts when I finished my professional jewellery designing course I started as a freelance jewellery designer but as a freelancer, I did not get much good response, I thought of utilizing my manufacturing knowledge and operate my own company, which I persuade afterwards when I finally stepped in the line of being an entrepreneur.In the initial days, most people wanted to know about my work stature and often they would educate themselves about the work from me but executed it somewhere else. Incidents like these made me self-aware about the field and the types of people in it, after that I thought to myself that I will deal with my work more fruitfully and heartfully.The biggest challenge was when because of my reasons mainly the aura and the infrastructure I was working in was not by my side and because of this my clients ran away although this helped me in learning how to handle things with patience and as time passed I managed to snap out of that cycle and I felt a sense of relief after having clients on my doorstep once again, the reason that they kept coming back was the quality which was being produced at the price quoted and it was unmatched to the jewellery industry, we gave fine craftsmanship and designer pieces with the highest quality as that has been our motto ever since the commencement and we have strived to deliver the best always and that is what 'AARU JEWELS' is all about.For me, my greatest achievement is sitting in the house being a housewife with zero outward publicity but still making my brand name known in the city within a matter of two years by manufacturing and designing real diamond jewellery and real jewellery of all sorts. My message is, Everyone has their first day, if you are making mistakes don't beat yourself up, you are a learner so remember to keep learning. Compete with yourself and the success would eventually be at your doorstep."

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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