Rohit R Chabra

Rohit R Chabra

ChalkBox , Q Olympiad

"I was born in a middle-class business family. I heard struggle stories from my father, how he and his brothers built an automobile business from scratch and even made it successful in the 80's which eventually failed. I always thought a regular School as a waste of time. On graduating the School, I took a day off, and started going to our automobile shop in Kashmiri Gate in Old Delhi.I learnt the business skills from our Old Delhi shop by applying practical methods I observed, rather than attending a plush business school ! I faced the challenges of a traditional joint family business. As a young blood, it’s very difficult to stop yourself from growth, so I had to leave the business and starting again from scratch made me identify the entrepreneur in me. I tried my hands on some business ideas.However, I failed repeatedly due to lack of proper guidance & support. I shuffled few jobs to pay off the debts accrued due to the losses from the failures. I worked in media and ed-tech sectors. Once on my sales visit to a School, I realised the importance of a user friendly software, that the schools especially in smaller cities need. Majority of them don't have an IT expertise. I saw an opportunity in the need gap analysis and formed a company named ChalkBox in 2016. ChalkBox happened to be in the Top 10 school management softwares in the next 3 years. The idea of an app based Olympiad struck me in 2019 when during an interaction with a School principal, I could understand the lengthy process of the Olympiad exams in India. Thats how our next venture Q Olympiad was born ! Any successful business is just based on 1 simple thing : 'Solving a real life problem' !My one message to everyone is “Dont follow anyone but observe, learn and move forward. Don't be afraid to fail because that will give u the wisdom to succeed. And SMILE! It's contagious, and it's scientifically proven. When you smile, the good starts happening. Try it.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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