Rudhraveena C

Rudhraveena C


"When I was in 7th grade of school I was infected with Dengue virus and chickenpox at the same time my blood platelets came down to 34,000 meaning fatal I was even in the danger of being in a coma if I slept,a doctor advised me on a natural remedy, that rose my platelet count to 2,00,000 until then I never believed in overnight magic. I am grateful to the doctor who advised me on natural remedies. I always loved and enjoyed doing creative stuff and nature stayed back in the corner of my heart. I wanted to be financially stable soon due to the financial condition therefore I went on to pursue my engineering.The idea of my mother to formulate natural products for beauty therapy during those times made me happy as we were using naturally available things to treat skin and hair concerns and people approached saying that they would like to resell products but we neither had a brand or product name, A lady was buying products from us we packed it and when she saw the bill she said that she had bought it for 10 times more than what was on the bill from the reseller this incident made me feel that it was unfair to fool people in the name of nature so I and my sister discussed this and decided to brand and marketing of products and that is when I decided to become an entrepreneur when at the age of 20 while i was still in college. I started focusing on business development activities which were very new for me. Branding to my budget was the biggest difficulty that I faced, business consultants and designers quoted too much for branding and I was tired of finding someone for my project so then I studied more on how to brand, and market my products, now I create brand stories with visual language, print, illustration, packaging designs and lead all the retail and business development activities. My message is that " Different opinion comes from a different perspective, so be different. "

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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