Sagnik Patra

Sagnik Patra


"Nobody from my family background is an entrepreneur. I started something out of passion and slowly things started to fall into place automatically. When I started Esho Golpo Kori(a community for artists, writers, dancers etc.) back in 2018, I never thought I would create a business. Slowly, when the community started growing, various brands started approaching us to collaborate and that was the time I realized that maybe I had something in me. When I started I had around 4 members in my team and currently, there are 50+ of them.My journey of being an entrepreneur is just like a rollercoaster ride. It had many ups and downs and I'm still facing those. I feel the most important thing one needs to learn is to take up risks and challenges. One needs to have a clear vision about his or her ideas, needs to have different plans ready when one or the other fails. People kept on challenging me, kept on asking questions in every step of my life but what I had in me was answering them with success. I kept on backing myself and that gave me a mental boost. Every entrepreneur's journey is not complete without failures and challenges.Even though I had faced various challenges and failures, the most important one being, one day I saw almost 9-10 members resigning. I saw my team members leaving without any prior information. It was one of the lowest phases of my life. So I decided to face them and ask them where I went wrong. I understood that at times I went on to thinking about my benefits rather than understanding the emotions of the person on the other end. At times, I forgot that to succeed you need a team and a battle cannot be won without your team. I kept a note of my mistakes and promised myself that I won't repeat and guess what? I didn't. The process of learning was long, slow but it happened steadily. My message is -" Even if you fail a hundred times, make sure you stand up once again. Giving up is not an option."

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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