Rohnit Roy

Rohnit Roy

AasPass - Global to Local

“My first venture indulges in helping the entrepreneurs create their business profile and taking care of all their needs from A to Z. This was going well for me until the pandemic came into the picture. We exploited this opportunity by working in the influencers’ market, which was booming at that time. Gradually we started getting more clients and we were even able to bag an international client soon after. This then led to us getting professional and big clients like PGF, Cornetto, etc. which really helped us grow.As things were going well we finally launched our PR brand in September 2020. We worked in PR and even helping entrepreneurs as incubators and helping them initialize their business strategies. The next step that we took was to make this process automated and make a marketing plan for various businesses.Keeping in account the present situation of the lockdown and the six feet economy we are planning to design an app that connects, distributors, suppliers, vendors, and consumers on one platform. This, we believe, will be the ultimate solution for the supply chain problems along with generating employment despite the app being fully automated. This project of ours has been presented to the Government as well and they have shown interest in this.Today we have more than 50 employees.This venture has seen its shares of ups and downs but it is my passion that keeps me going and has helped me reach where I am today. Hence, one should always enjoy the journey but never lose focus on the ultimate goal.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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