Bavani Surya

Bavani Surya

Prabhav Official

"I believed I could become an entrepreneur because my dad is a successful businessman and my inspiration. I started to prepare for it in my early stages by reading and talking to business people. I've thought about becoming an entrepreneur in 2017, 2017-2018 was my starting stage of business. Getting into social media and working in all ways in it helped me out. My journey had lots of ups and downs but I went through the flow by months and worked. First, it was just known only to my surroundings. After a year I started to work online mainly so that it’ll be helpful for people who are from other states and now 80% of our business is online.My biggest challenge was I had to face a lot of negativity around me I overcame by ignoring it. Whenever I face a challenge I try to remind myself everything happens for a reason and this too shall pass and take it positively so that I can handle my challenges alone.My first achievement was when I worked for my mom for the first time and made her happy surprisingly. Second, many people started to approach my brand to others, when they sent us a message your collections are my favourite! waiting for new collections this kind of text makes our day and for more success. And of course, waiting for more achievements in future.My business is about designing outfits/customising outfits/working on outfits. We are famous for designing saree into dresses and that was our first customisation which most of our customers loved. Now we are into stitching bases for bridal blouses/bridal gowns/dresses and more as a customer choice or we will design for them.My message is, Every business entrepreneur had to face ups and downs in some moments. Let's face it positively and move forward to work hard to achieve our goal! Never down our goal at any point! Have decided to go through this so let’s learn to take it easy and look forward to more success."

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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