Shrikant Singh

Shrikant Singh


"I always wanted to be a scientist because it was my first dream. As time passed, I realized that scientists are not the only ones who discovered things, so I came to know about the word 'engineer'.With time, our mindset changes, and I realized that I can be a good teacher because my friends believe in it and I love to teach too. But at graduation, I made up my mind to do an MNC job. During the last year of my graduation, I decided not to take the placement but to go for post studies. In 2017, I met some new friends and after some time I talked to them about all this and they seemed very excited about it so we decided to turn it into a reality, and Boom we did it.We had a talk with our college Dean Dr. Supriya Madan ma`am, our professor Mrs. Indu Sahu and Dr. Deepali Kamthenia ma`am, and they helped us a lot, they guided us every step of the way to make it happen. So I can say in 2018 we were developing it and by the time of 2019, we decided to use our skills to earn money.We wrote a research paper which was for a college project but later our professor found it worth releasing and she advised us to participate in SSRN 2020. And luckily our paper got selected and recently it was listed among the top ten papers in SSRN across the world. And got a certificate for the same Appreciation letter from our college for doing a great.In February 2020 we had inaugurated our office for the first time then the Delhi riots happened. After that incident corona came and I think I don't need to explain all the impacts it has made on our life.I have not mentioned any personal struggles or other challenges that I am facing. Because everyone has different challenges in life.My message is, Before knowing the value of light, You have to know the value of darkness first.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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