Harshdipsinh Gohil

Harshdipsinh Gohil

Polaris Group

“Since a very young age I have been interested in my father’s business and thus used to visit it often. When I was 8 years old I used to go to his office and engage myself in the small little tasks that an 8-year-old would find fascinating. Gradually, what started as a means of entertainment for me turned into my interest, and by the time I was 14 I was very much acquainted with the working of the business.My father even spared so me responsibilities for me to take care of and that is how I began my journey as a businessman. I got to learn about the business and also the way of doing business which eventually led to me starting my venture at the age of 16.I have a long way to go still and aim to be able to network throughout the world and make a global impact. Currently, my business is engaged in the USA, Europe, and UAE deals in Digital Media and IT solutions. I hope to be able to grow it to new heights. For me, the quality and size of the business network are what matters the most. From the poorest to the richest of the countries I wish to be able to set foot there, in some or the other.I only have one thing to say to everyone struggling out there, that if you dream big, make equally diligent and persevering efforts to make that dream come true.I do have something for the youth of the nation to develop by their sleeves by having and network collaboration with us so anyone who wants to do something may join us by contacting me.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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