Deepak Kushwaha & Ashutosh Mishra

Deepak Kushwaha & Ashutosh Mishra

IPM Careers

"We always thought of becoming entrepreneurs while growing up. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates careers fascinated us a lot and being surrounded by people who were doing great in the family business. During our College days, the characteristic which we embraced from the institutes truly helped us in shaping our careers as entrepreneurs because the atmosphere in which we were studying helped us in doing something of our own.It was a complete roller coaster ride. We started initially when Coronavirus hit the system in the first year. We undertook ten students, and now we're catering to 2000+ students. We made our peace with Lockdown 1.0 and were trying to overcome it when lockdown 2.0 hit India, so overnight, we had to shift our operations from offline to online it was an arduous task. However, being from IIM-A, where I was taught to deal with these types of challenges, today, we are a coaching institute that goes by the place where we prepare students for the IPMAT examination. It is an Integrated Program in Management (BBA+MBA) offered by the IIMs. We train students to prepare for the admission test and interview preparation. We believe in the holistic development of students. We give our students platforms like youtube, Instagram, etc, and we don't just prepare them for the entrance exam but for life as well."My message is, not taking risks is the biggest risk in your life."

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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