Madonna Rodrigues & Hasina Neterwala

Madonna Rodrigues & Hasina Neterwala

H & M Luxury Salon

"As I am brought up without parents..many taunts, demotivating words, no one there to be by your side, but hard work, passion, patience pays off and same people then try to stay connected just because now I have achieved something that they never expected me to achieve.I knew how to expand my business and keep all the other negativity away. I didn't let anything stop me in what I wanted to achieve. Because without pain there is no gain. People will always there to put you down or look at you as if you are nothing, which I was always looked at like that or maybe treated So one thing which I have learnt is, whatever happens, happens for a reason, just have faith in God and keep going, work hard, don't give up and eventually by God's grace and blessings you do achieve it, the hurdles that come our way is eventually to make us and our faith stronger.Aviation course (ground staff), my work for Emirates and being certified Hairstylist and Makeup artist by Lakme (A grade), being ceritified have taken various orders and done calendar shoot 2019 are some of the achievements I consider. My message is - There is nothing impossible when you have the will to achieve it, there will be challenges, ups and downs, many to even criticize or demotivate you, but just listen to your inner voice, never go with what people say and you will eventually achieve what you want."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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