Ankush Bagmar

Ankush Bagmar

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"The entrepreneurial streak was always in me. While it was never pre-planned from the beginning, I eventually realized that I did want to be a full-time entrepreneur. In 2017, when I was working with a startup company, I started picking up the nuances of being an entrepreneur. That experience enlightened me a lot. Something just awoke in me, and it was at that time I finally decided to be an entrepreneur.Apart from being a constant learner, you should be a keen observer. I would rather call myself an effective leader and an entrepreneur. There were numerous times I have faced obstacles, but you should constantly keep on reminding yourself to never give up. My biggest challenge was diving into unknown territory and carving out my path in an already competitive world. However, I persisted. The key to success is to keep going forward.Receiving "Outstanding Leader of the Year in the year 2018 From Straits Business Group. Is what I consider an achievement.My message is to find your interest, start early. If you have the power to start something on your own, then go for it. Don't stop yourself. Believe in your potential. Stay focused and give your best till the end."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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