Akshay Bajania

Akshay Bajania


As a Gujarati, Akshay has always thought of becoming a businessman. He was never a 9-5 guy, he used to do all the work at his pace, and he was never a “Yes Sir”. Even though his Father and Brother both work in a Multinational Company doing 9-5, they never stopped him from dreaming about owning a Business.After returning from Australia, he had two options: he could start working for someone or work for himself. After having a good amount of experience in Australia, one thing was sure he wanted to do something on his own. That was the day he knew that he would pursue his career as an entrepreneur. Also, there is always room for expansion in his field, so he will work as much as he can and would love to teach others.He was the only child to visit any international place in his entire family, so it was hard for him to adjust to Australia. He says that if he writes his book, the title will be -$2 to +$20000. As he was young, he was hard to get along with, so adjusting to a new place was challenging but not impossible. During that journey, he made many friends, met so many new people, and overcame it by learning that things will be easy if it is done with friends.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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