Monica Daga & Vaidehi Haralalka

Monica Daga & Vaidehi Haralalka

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"Vaidehi’s mother and grandmother have been her inspiration. They are businesswomen; she has seen them manage work and family seamlessly. "My mother has always taught me to be independent,'' she says. Whereas Monica never thought of becoming an entrepreneur or having a startup of her own. But having said that, she was always confident about doing something productive in life, be it a job, learning new skills, or having a startup. One thing led to another, and today here she is!During college, Vaidehi was sure of doing something of her own. She was confused between the fashion and the PR industry, but she knew she had to do something. At the same time, Monica's journey started in 2018 when she was working in a company and got introduced to freelancing simultaneously. She discussed this with Vaidehi, got hold of freelancers, searched for clients, and it started.The journey was full of challenges, they said. They still remember the first payout to the employees, the first client call, the first cheque, the initial havoc at work, the first appreciation, the first of almost everything. But what kept them going was the vision of creating something big out of something tiny. And right now, they are running a successful business with clients worldwide, a good team, and so much more; as they say, it’s no less than a roller coaster ride.The biggest challenge for them was a lack of confidence. Well, this one took a long time to overcome. There are a million reasons not to feel confident, but only one reason to be convinced.During the first year, both got an opportunity to be the Digital Partners for various events. In 2 years, their business has served 100+ national and international clients offering different services to many small and medium enterprises.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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