Aishwarya Sunil

Aishwarya Sunil

True Umami

Aishwarya never knew what she wanted to become. She was a clueless kid. And that got her into entrepreneurship, she believes. The most significant pain point of her life was that she had no idea what she wanted to do in her life. And that motivated her to start gotcha. A platform where they connect school students with diverse industry professionals from different fields so that they get insights into the real world.While she was working for students and their exposure, she got closer to her passion. She started Gotchaa to fill the void in the education system she faced as a student. Through Gotchaa's sessions, she learned about something that she feels very passionately about - Food & Beverage. That's how her next Venture - The True Umami started.Through the true Umami, they are helping multi-unit f&b brands to optimise their operations. They have developed SOPs for f&b Brands all over India, working from one location in just one year of operation. They have also started their dessert brand under the authentic Umami called Koobou.She started at the age of 20. She used to visit schools, network with teachers, connect with industry leaders and pitch Gotchaa's ideas. After graduation, She used to teach students in classes 6 - 12. It took her two years to make Gotchaa's mentorship program an independent service. She got mentorship from NSRCEL, which was very helpful. But destiny got her closer to what she wanted to do in life but never knew about it. Her first initiative solved her not knowing what to do in life. And that's how the true Umami started.

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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