Sinjini Sengupta

Sinjini Sengupta


“I am from a middle-class Bengali family which means my upbringing was very heavily layered with few ideas: 1. Business is bad 2. Money is evil and 3. Study hard (and harder) and your life will be set. My earliest steps in setting up Lighthouse were to work with my ideas of money and business and to realize that creation is core. It is the age of ideas, and the world needs fresh thinkers. The biggest catalyst on the path of Lighthouse frankly was its selection to be incubated at NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. They selected 200 out of 11800 ventures, and it was a great propeller for my journey. While I have been driven by organic growth that developed into a fairly clear vision over the last few years through my body of work, this incubation brought in the structure and design without which I wouldn't be able to see past my immediate next step.The first 3 months were spent largely to develop early generic entrepreneurial understanding, followed by more hands-on action and active focus on the venture. Entrepreneurship could become a challenge at a personal (and also mental health) level given the number of angles in which you need to constantly think, decide, and act. Put precisely, there are way too many voices at any point in time for your sanity. I'm two TEDx old, get invited regularly to speak at leading corporations and Tier 1 Business Schools, and Business conferences, Literary festivals, and Impactful seminars. I am in the business of bringing hearts to work and helping people find their voice and power with the help of Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Creativity, and Storytelling.My message is, we are all standing in our way, stopping us from being who we can be. Our narratives are powerful, but they are stifled inside us. Allow me to help you discover your voice, tell your story and create your legacy."

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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