khyati saraf

khyati saraf

Frosted Delights

"I always wanted to do something new and something of my own. My passion for baking made my mind strong, and that's when I decided I would become an entrepreneur. My father wanted me to become a Company Secretary, but I always wanted something of my own and something new. I was in college when I started baking. People around me motivated me to set up a startup business. My father wasn't too sure about the idea, but I somehow managed to convince him. During that stage, I had my college, Company Secretary exam, tuitions and even had to pursue management training as well, which meant the only time left for baking was during the night!I had to become a good multitasker amidst all these managing family and friends. I took a two-month break during the exams and re-market my business. This continued for almost four years when I finally decided I won't leave work. Working the whole day and night, and with the support of my family, I somehow managed to bring my brand here.Last year I got married; I couldn't work for four months, but then with the support of my in-laws, I restarted and now happily serve people around the city. My biggest support in restarting was my mother-in-law and my Husband, Mr. Abhishek Jhajharia, who constantly motivates me to do something new and big. During my wedding, a break of 4 months with a change in my kitchen and working space, new people, etc. And managing everything alone; though my family, especially my sister, helped me a lot, I was the only one accountable for everything.I have made a lot of new things and introduced them to the city. I have been covered in several newspapers and blogs as well. But I feel the biggest is still maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life which I think I'm doing great.The message I would like to give is: follow your dreams with a smile, everything will fall into place and trust yourself you have magic in yourself."

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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