Cherry Saria

Cherry Saria


"As a child, I had no firm intention of pursuing entrepreneurship. I thought the conventional path of doing a job after getting a degree would be fitting. However, coming from a business family, I always knew, at the back of my mind, that entrepreneurship is where my interest lies.It all began when I was interning under a Chartered Accountancy Firm, and my exams were due. During the 2020 lockdown, my life felt uncertain, haphazard and static. Everybody's businesses were hanging by a thread. All these adversities made me take this drastic step of pursuing entrepreneurship.Our entrepreneurship journey took off primarily through Instagram. After we started our page on Instagram, we were limited to following just close friends and family. Eventually, word spread, and we saw a surge in the number of followers. Our business got its big break when a local media channel ( offered to interview us.The video was appreciated by residents of Sikkim and people from other states. The interview gave a puff to our business, and we owe a fair share of queries and orders to it. We have a diligent team, working relentlessly even during holidays and lockdowns. I also take charge of packaging the clothes and handling the delivery services. It would be unfair to conclude without giving due credit to the Made in India and Vocal for the government's local schemes, which have given us plenty of incentive to keep going.The biggest challenge I faced was associated with my career, and I am sure many people can relate to it. Staying in India, especially in a small town, as kids, we are all counselled that a 9-5 job is the most desirable career, but due to lack of exposure, we don't challenge these notions, and that's why they are the way they are.I would encourage young women to act upon the storehouse of brilliant ideas in mind. It is just a matter of taking that one step. I believe everybody can create and can sell."

State : Sikkim

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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