Manash pratim K

Manash pratim K


"I always wanted to be a scientist, make innovations that lead humans to a better future and solve today's problems. But when I grew up, I learned that an entrepreneur makes innovation and technology in a practical manner that can impact the nation's development and even holds the capability to impact humankind and improve what available today is. My purpose is still the same, but being an entrepreneur, I found the best way to impact/bring a change to people's lives.I learned everything that I could do on a laptop to make money. I met my co-founder Pritam in the 3rd year of my Diploma. We both used to work on Startup. Pritam was a Drone developer. We discussed drones, and we found an idea on how we can start and make innovations with Drone technology.At age 19, I started my first Startup with a vision to build new applications and innovations with Drone technology alone with Pritam(Co-founder of the Startup). It's been a rollercoaster journey; we had very small savings because we both were students, but somehow we managed to make a Prototype of our Drone, and we took part in different Incubation and Startup competitions. We got selected by IICBBEC(Innovation & Incubation Centre, BBEC Kokrajhar). There I met my mentors, Mr. John and Mr. Medalson. Life has never been easy. Maintaining studies along with a fast-growing startup, I almost failed it. Convincing parents about choosing entrepreneurship instead of a secure job was challenging.But somehow, we all overcome the challenges. I have been through so many challenges that now, no problem seems hard challenging like before. My message is, change your perspective, and It will change the world around you."

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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