Hrittik Ghosh

Hrittik Ghosh

Sunday Classics Organisation

Since a very young age, Hritik has been associated with the entertainment industry. Growing up, he gradually took to it as a profession as well. So, when the lockdown hit India and everything was shut down, he decided to venture into this idea of lockdown entertainment. He noticed that the environment was very gloomy and people were rendered helpless during this time, and he wanted to do his bit to help people get through this.One day he and his friends talked, and one thing led to another, and they came up with this idea for a startup. They aimed to engage with the crowd and entertain them. They made short films and much more. They even wrote scripts for documentaries and even paid tribute to Satyajit Ray as well.This is a platform where they engage various forms of art and artists. He believes that each of us is an entertainer and that is what they try to call with this venture. Today they stand in a position where they have earned fame and respect in the short while they have been functioning, and he would like to credit all this to the hard work that he and his team have put in. They even branched this out by creating flagship events and quizzes, also used to raise funds. They made flagship awards which made them the pioneer in the world at large.There are thousands of reasons to quit, and the only one to keep them pushing is their will to move forward. "The world is ready to pull you down and tell you that you are not good enough, but if stay loyal to your dreams and virtues, you will be able to make it through and succeed,” says Ghosh.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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