Aesthetic Anmol

As Anmol was growing up, he was keen to invest his energy into something where he could reap benefits. After completing his tenth grade, he decided to join a gym and try that out. He enjoyed the workouts but was not able to see the results. This got him thinking that maybe he was doing it wrong. So, he thought of joining a more expensive gym with better and more facilities. This strategy also did not work for him, which made me realise that this industry is full of false facades, and only very few genuine people are there.After that, when he was deciding on a career path for himself, he thought that maybe joining the Merchant Navy would be a good option for him. His uncle sat him down and told him that he should follow his passion and not the idea of being rich because he would be able to make money even in the field that I am good at. Hence, he took a Sports Science course at Amity University in Noida and graduated in 2016. He even started a job in the same year and did a few certification courses by Reebok. He has coached around 1500 clients in the last three years.Last year he started his own company where he and his team provide fitness and well-being coaching online. This was his way of helping his career grow in this field, and that is how he perceived it to go.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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