Karan Choudhry

Karan Choudhry

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"I always knew that I would set up a business or be an artist. I was never interested in working in a monotonous job bound by rules and regulations. A nine-to-five desk job seemed quite dull to me. I would be a terrible employee as I need freedom and creative control to work.When I was working as a freelance filmmaker and video editor, and suddenly I got ill and was hospitalised, I started thinking and realised most people who own media companies have experience in visual media; hence they can’t give quality end products and are dependent on freelancers like myself who cut a tiny percentage of the cut. The biggest challenges I have faced have always been personal and never professional. From a young age, I have had many life-altering experiences. These have helped shape my mindset and my outlook on life. I have gone through some rough patches of life that taught me that if I need to succeed, only I can help myself. Because in the end, it is an individual’s handwork that makes or breaks his life. That is what pushed me to venture into entrepreneurship.Today my team and I have an online media platform to create informative and educational content and help companies build their brand identity by offering design services, media content, content writing, packaging, social media posts, animation, and marketing/ promotion. We also have a media production company where we make Corporate Videos, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, and advertising commercials and provide photography services. By using the fundamentals of advertising and vision, our message is that we can change our surroundings or the way people look at things!"

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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