Ayushi Poddar

Ayushi Poddar


"Since I graduated from college, starting something of my own was a great motivator. I always knew that I was not meant for the corporate atmosphere. That is when I decided to continue my education in M.Com while at the same time I tried tapping into the intrinsics of a developing subject in the field of marketing. I always felt confident about it and needed justice to do it right. So, I started working on my consumer behaviour and psychology content, focusing on the Indian domain as an essential topic of research and utility. I was able to work on multiple research papers on the same, and they have been successfully presented and acknowledged by senior members of the industry.Despite the pandemic, I reached new heights as my days were way more productive. I could learn so much more and build on my assets. I was able to bag new projects and clients and grow different vertices of my own. The journey was not a cakewalk as I am a one women's army.Meanwhile, I also realised how important financial independence is. I worked on my website to incorporate these aspects and prepare for the future correctly. The website had blogs, podcasts, and much more to inspire people and make them self-aware continuously. This has been working well ever since I began and kept spreading via word of mouth as the merit of my work. I started my venture to add credibility to my name and transform it into a brand.I want to say that what goes around comes around. One should always have an open mind and think about contributing to Society’s development, and it could be in any form and make it our lifestyle. We should learn to give back what we have received from society. This supportive mindset is what great countries and entrepreneurs are built on. Cheers. ”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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