Junaid Hossain

Junaid Hossain

Massive Micro Tales

"I didn't even have a basic idea about business/entrepreneurship as I was reared up in a middle-class Bengali family. Like everyone, my parents have always motivated me about government jobs. Also, they didn't even want me to join a business as my parents didn't have a good liking for businesses.Back in June 2020, while at home, I thought of doing something creative during the intervals of studies/daily activities. And I didn't even know that I could come this far. I've had various setbacks throughout my journey, and I've huge regret that I've seen almost my whole team leaving/resigning because of my faults. I didn't apologise/or accept my mistake. Instead, I've tried casting my thoughts/ideas over them. Though I've overcome those, I do repent for that.Talking about our business, we have a constantly growing storytelling platform that believes in expressing emotions through words. We project the hearts and minds of writers in front of our audience.We also talk about social issues/regular sufferings and ordinary things like love, life, tragedy, and heartbreaks.My message is that you'll have to face various setbacks throughout your journey, but in the end, hard work will surely raise your voice!”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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