Shivangi Sharma

Shivangi Sharma

Dark Matter Agency

“Growing up in a business family, our dinner table conversation is about profit. Daddy & Dadaji would begin with so, what’s the strategy for the next month?’ I’d find it boring.But eight years later, the tables have turned. Soon after, I started pursuing business management, and with that, I enrolled in a couple of courses. A digital marketing course is one of them. Shortly after, I dreamed of having my own company, but I began reading more about business when the pandemic struck. How covid affected them, I also learned that people are closing their businesses every day, and their families are going through a lot of problems.Since we all are at home and we are online, it struck me we need to do something about this, so I decided to start a Digital Marketing Firm so we can help businesses or professionals by providing them with an online platform, something of my own – my Nanaji was so happy that he called up everyone he knew to tell them at 19 I’d found DarkMatter, which helps you in converting your company into a brand.One of my friends, Vivek supported me a lot, he’s an architect, but although he helped me in everything and guided me, he said to be ready for failure- when the ball goes higher, it hits the ground harder. And he was right; when I started, nobody took me seriously. They’d all say you can’t do that. Connect us to your senior I was distraught.Over time I learned to sell my ideas assertively. Yes, I’m young, started small, but we’ll keep doing it. That day we crackle our first deal! I also knew I wanted my company to be led by women.Growing up, I was a state-level athlete. Still, the coach would say, don’t run like a girl, and I knew that there were more men than women in most factories. I wanted to change that, so I launched the company on 20th November 2020 & hired women to work with me.It’s been a few months & sometimes it feels like a dream.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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