Angelus Amy Mondal

Angelus Amy Mondal


As a child, Angelus never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. She wanted to code. However, she was brought up and trained in different art forms, Indian music and dance (Odissi). Her parents always encouraged her to pursue various art forms.After completing her master’s in Computer science, she took up freelance typography and lettering projects. Later, she started taking workshops and curating handmade products. She realised that this was moving in a different direction than originally planned. It just happened, if she thinks of it now, and she went with the flow.The journey so far has been full of peaks and valleys. Initially, She was pretty sorted and had it all figured out since the projects were not many. But soon after, she started to ideate new products, brainstorm workshop ideas, and create a new product line, it started getting too much, and she started doubting herself.The biggest challenge she faced was explaining to people that this could be a possible career option. She didn’t have a lot of people who saw it the way she did. But she just kept going and waited for the results to speak. The other challenge she faced was to pull it all together, have a foundation to grow from, and find the right resources.In 3.5 years, Angelus has conducted over 150+ workshops in 5 countries, both offline and online. She has been a member of the Anupam (A leading stationery brand from Mumbai) Art family (Oct’20-April’21). She collaborated with Max Fashion (Kolkata, India) and an on-site Calligraphy Artist for Mother’s Day at Gucci (Kolkata, India).She genuinely believes that one should dream big but set up achievable goals. Achieve them, and wait for them to turn into something you are proud of. Please don’t compare your step one with someone’s tenth; it will not motivate you. Instead, reach your day one with your day ten and watch yourself grow.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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