Ankita Sutar

Ankita Sutar


“When I passed my 10th and became attached to social media, I came to know about the meaning of the terms of business, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. So I took Commerce as my career. I'm very much satisfied now. I can contribute something to my family at the age of 19, and that's another level of happiness, you know!! I won't stop my hard work and will try to reach more and more in the future. And I'm sure that I can make a brand out of my social media page.As I started my work via social many of our relatives all used to say that it won't be anything except time waste. I was a little bit worried. Is this true? Can I do something! But I'm fortunate that I have my father, who keeps on motivating me every second. He said, "do whatever you're doing, and I know this won't be a waste." As my father was also a business student... I was super confident after hearing his words and continued my work. I reached a lot of audiences in just a year, like 0 to 23k, I've worked with various kinds of top brands as well as restaurants, My mobile photographs for streets and food blogging got featured in 100+ total community pages, and on the top is making my parents proud.My social media page was a standard community page. But as we see, we're engaging with a higher audience, so why not make it a platform for digital marketing and promotional works !! So we started approaching brands, and they gave positive responses, then slowly we're now in an advertising and marketing sector known by many people. Brands absolutely can reach a lot of people via our platform. My message is never to give up. There may be a lot of adversities but always remember trouble always provides us opportunities for introspection. You know yourself the most, so don't let people judge what you can do or not. Stay focused on your hard work, and your goal will automatically appear.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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