Chirag Agarwal

Chirag Agarwal

EarlyVentions Chain of Preschools

Chirag has been actively involved in the education industry since he was 18. He has been in the early childhood education space for many years and has been doing well. He, too, faced a roller-coaster journey filled with ups and downs, but eventually, he was able to crack the code and achieve success.He had started small and did not expect to grow this big. But as the team got more prominent with the addition of brilliant minds to the team, they were able to grow larger. The biggest game-changer in their venture, EarlyVentions, was when he started with corporate child care, where they provided a safe and secure environment for children while their parents were at work. This helped many parents work at peace and brought a lot of women back to work post maternity.Everything was going well; just then, the pandemic affected the world, and they went into a lockdown. This was the time to rethink, relearn, and recreate. The COVID19 scenario has helped them transform. This was a very unexpected situation; hence they took some time, but once again, victory was theirs when they launched the virtual learning platform for the early years. He is a firm believer in having 99 reasons to quit and only 1 to continue and choosing that one reason and working hard towards it. After being a successful name in the education industry for the last few years, He now feels it is time to give back to the world that has already given him so much. He is on a noble mission to help 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their journey in the early childhood education space with EarlyVentions.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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