Aritro Chattopadhyay

Aritro Chattopadhyay

Foodicted Fellow

At the age of 10, Aritro might not have known the meaning of the term "Entrepreneur", but he knew he had to be the face of his brand. He always had this urge to do something of his own. He wanted to create himself in such a manner so that he can sculpt, move and influence people's thoughts, minds and actions.Alongside his undergraduate studies, he worked as a career counselor in a nearby college. During lunchtime, He found happiness in little things and started writing about his experiences of having food in different cafes and restaurants. When he began posting about his experiences on social media platforms, He got several requests from potential brands and businesses to collaborate with them. That's when he realised it was no more a passion but a process of becoming a solemn profession, and he was genuinely delighted about it.Aritro was seventeen when he started social media influencing in full swing. He never imagined that level of contentment could build a brand. After he became an entrepreneur, He was flooded with work and that too from different niche brands. Scheduling and curating content regularly was challenging, and he is glad to keep up with it.As a child, he was made to feel vulnerable by his schoolmates about his voice, which was perceived as feminine. This portrays the existence of internalized misogyny in schools. Anyways, sailing through life was extremely difficult as we can tolerate such negativity for a few days, but ten years is a big deal. It took a toll on his mental health.He fought all the odds alone to be in the place where he is today. There was nobody to uplift his spirits. Every individual belittled him, put him down, tried to burn his life into cinders. He rose from the ashes like a phoenix every time. He believe it is much more important to aim for long-term happiness in whichever venture we pursue. Life is a beautiful roller coaster. Enjoy every moment with pride and grace.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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