Dr. Piyush Goel

Dr. Piyush Goel

Trinetra Yoga

To Dr Piyush, following his inner calling means everything. No matter how many obstacles he will have to face for it. Because in his opinion, if we live for ourselves, that’s truly a remarkable life; otherwise, what’s so extraordinary about it?He had everything a man could wish for. He had a 28-lakh Annual package, a family, and was living a luxurious life. Even though his life may look perfect from the outside, it was dark from the inside. He would come home late every night and still have some work to do; he didn’t have time for his family, children, and himself. His job was such that no matter how much revenue he generated for the company, he had to start with Square one every month. His life was monotonous and empty from the inside.He realised that he would have no future for himself if things kept going this way. So much stress, pressure, responsibilities for what? What is wrong with living a joyful life?One fine day, He gave his resignation and left his job just like that. That was a big but crucial step in his life. He told himself, ‘As far as I’ve known myself, this kind of life does not represent me. I’m a leader; my actions are meant to inspire people; my life is much more than meeting monthly targets from my job’ it was the right decision'.But, it came at a heavy price. He had started Practicing & Learning Yoga much before he left his job. One fine day his salary stopped, and the expenses were ongoing, and it became difficult to make ends meet.His goal in life was clear. He wanted to reach the top at any cost. As time passed, he sold his car, his house, and most of his assets to survive. With time, the number of supporters in his life kept on decreasing. So much so that he ended up living alone. But little did people know that what he would achieve would be making them all proud one day.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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