Mohit Zanjad

Mohit Zanjad

DMC Manufacturers

As a child, Mohit loved fiddling with toys, opening them, taking things out of them, refitting them again, or making something out of them. He was very keen to do something that I love. So that's when he felt he could be a good entrepreneur.It all started in 11th and 12th std when he met his three close friends, the co-founders of his startup Mayur Bhalekar, Dheeraj Patil, and Chaitanya Satkar. He decided to start a business related to edible cutlery, which failed due to a lack of resources.Then he got admission to Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai, for a B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering. One of his comrades was preparing for his final year project. They started discussing the project(Bottle Filling Machine) and eventually made a good one. A businessman saw their project while they tested it. He appreciated the work, and that's when he thought of starting a business out of it.When the pandemic broke out, the same businessman asked if he could make the mask machine as it was challenging to get it from China due to restrictions. They immediately grabbed the opportunity, started designing the engine, called the order, and successfully manufactured it. They were the first to make a masking machine with almost all Indian parts in India. They then started making other machines related to the packaging industry.The biggest challenge was a failure in their first machine (Fully Automatic Mask Earloop Machine). They failed terribly and lost a lot of time and money in its R&D., but when he looks back now, He sees it as a stepping stone to success as they learned many things. He never gave up as they knew they were on the right path.He believes that his most significant achievements are yet to come.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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