Disha Dugar

Disha Dugar

Corporate Advisors Law Professionals LLP

As a child, one thing Disha was sure of was making money for her family. She always felt responsible for her family, being the eldest daughter. So the thought of doing well and becoming successful in life was there from the very beginning.Millions of people worldwide spend many hours each week dreaming about how it would feel to hand in their resignation at work and walk away to do their own thing. Even she was stuck with this thought. So one fine day, she decided to quit her job as she realised her potential was more than working for someone else.She and her partner started with a meagre amount, second-hand printers, desktops, etc., out of an old building in a remote area of the city. The first two years were difficult, with little to no earnings, but they continued. Everyone told them that they won't ever stand their ground. Over the last seven years, they have grown leaps and bounds with their expertise in Company Law. Their Clients liked the work and referred them further. CALP is a sought after name now. She truly believes hard work always pays, sooner or later.They do Start-Up consultations, Company law Compliances, IPOs, Listing on Stock Exchanges, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mergers Acquisitions, SEBI/RBI consulting, Tax, Audits, Due Diligence for Takeovers/Banks, Intellectual property, Funding for Companies. They are a one-stop solution for Corporates. They provide end-to-end services from Incorporation to Restructuring, Funding and Winding up. "Everything is possible. Believe in yourself, and the world will start believing in you automatically. It's that simple.” says Disha.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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