Shruti Aggarwal

Shruti Aggarwal


Shruti always wanted to be an entrepreneur. During her graduation, she decided to do something of her own. She wanted to be her boss and didn't want her earnings capped by a salary."Journey Of Building The Startup Lab | One-stop solution for Startups. Her journey has been incredibly fascinating. She has been a part of the Indian Startup Ecosystem for four years. And being an active part of it, she saw the issues the first-time entrepreneurs faced during their entrepreneurial journey.Well versed with the startup ecosystem, she thought of creating her own company. She started talking to numerous entrepreneurs during several meetings and seminars and tried to understand their challenges, and that's how she began. She started The StartupLab to make the startup journey easy for entrepreneurs who, with their solutions, aim to change the society for better. Her company is a one-stop solution for startups needing funding assistance, compliance assistance, business development, etc.Growth as a Founder, her journey of working with startups has been delightful. Her company has served more than 500+ startups so far. In the year 2020, she started helping founders in fundraising as well, and so far, she has got eight startups funded from VCs, Micro funds, and Angel platforms. They aim to start her angel platform shortly.Her biggest challenge was to get the right team who wanted to work with equal passion as her. Everything else was manageable. To hire the best team, she believes that one should keep two things in mind; every team has issues to overcome before functioning effectively. Second, every team can navigate those issues and do great work together. Trust and communication were two magical actions that worked well for her to cope with this. "Don't lose hope; keep trying; Love what you do. Fly high. Entrepreneurship makes you strong." says Shruti.

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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