Sumesh Chettri

Sumesh Chettri

Heal Bridge Pvt Ltd

As a child, Sumesh never thought of becoming an entrepreneur belonging to a middle-class family where everyone worked in the government sector, had no business background, and no one talked about entrepreneurship. But he always had this urge to do something of his own. When he was in class 11, he heard about entrepreneurship t. The subject was fascinating, then he dropped mathematics and pursued entrepreneurship.During his graduation, he realised healthcare is essential as education. People are wasting so much time and energy on a single blood test, Health check-ups or purchasing medicines. Then he thought, what if we provide home health care facilities to everyone so that they need not have to go anywhere for non-emergency health needs. Then, he started his company with his co_founder Karan Singh. His mother is a diabetes patient. She had to go to the centre thrice a week for a sugar test. He realised that his mother was wasting so much of her energy and time. So he thought about giving quality home health care services to contribute something to society by providing proper care and access to healthcare. They are working to provide every possible healthcare facility to everyone and contribute to building a healthier society. Their vision is to give access to healthcare facilities to every life on this planet. After becoming an entrepreneur, the journey is harrowing. They could not grab the market properly; they were facing problems with the business model, revenue structure etc. One day he heard about the AIC SMUTBI incubation centre in Sikkim under Niti Aayog. He registered his company there; till now, he has learned many things starting from the financial model to the business model. He said that do what you think is right because in the end, only you will be there, you have to make a decision, you have to stand out from the crowd, and only you can change yourself, so work on what you love because YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

State : Sikkim

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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