Deepali Jain

Deepali Jain

Brain Power House

Since childhood, Deepali has been preparing herself to become an IAS officer. She had the best grades (98%) during the times when it was difficult to score more than 70%. She used to teach students of lower rates when she was in 6th grade. Unfortunately, She couldn't appear for the final round of interviews due to financial problems as my centre was in the Andaman Islands. She was devastated and decided to move from Delhi to Mumbai.When she moved to Mumbai, she worked with a shipment company, and his job involved travelling to countries and checking the shipment. He did not work for 12 years after he got married. Due to boredom, He joined a network marketing firm, which was a game-changer for him. He learned how to talk to people, develop a certain kind of personality, and initiate sales, and that is where he was introduced to a concept like Brain Power for the first time.He was so amazed by the wonders our mind could do; he started digging in deeper and travelled to more than 45 countries to learn from the best trainers. When he came back, he realised nobody talked or believed in the concept of empowering your subconscious mind. He decided to establish his institute that will train students, professionals and corporates using their mind powers and manifest their desires to reality.The journey so far has been challenging. Talking and educating about the concept that nobody believes in gets more difficult due to awareness. He has been training students for the past 15 years, and he can say that their consistent effort has generated attention amongst the crowd. Now people do understand the concepts they teach about and respond positively. He wants everyone to know that our brain is our servant; we should know how to use it. We can generate whatever we want in life by using our mind power. The formula lies in training your subconscious mind.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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