Mahak Parakh

Mahak Parakh

My kitchen castle

When Mahak was young, his mom suffered from a disease that restricted her from doing the kitchen work. This motivated him to be in the kitchen and try out new things. He used to make different dishes now and then made his mom taste them for himself. She taught him a lot about cooking. He comes from a typical Rajasthani family where he was expected to take up the family business as his profession and educate himself in the same field. It took a lot of courage for him to tell his father that I wanted to pursue Hotel Management and not Accounting or Finance. To his surprise, his father was okay with it.He got admitted to the International Institute of Hotel Management in Kolkata. This was a great learning experience for him. Later, he got placed in one company in the USA, which proved to be a thrilling experience and an opportunity to grow. After moving back to India, though, he could not find any jobs here where he would be paid justly for his services. This kind of put a roadblock in his career path, and he decided to join his dad in his business. While he was at it, He got engaged and it was his fiancé who gave him the brilliant idea of starting up a venture out of his page on Instagram. He already had over 5000 followers. So, with the help of this, He started taking orders. Initially, the charges' pace and frequency were meagre, but as people got to know about it, the orders started flooding in. He is a one-person team, and this business is like his own child. He has seen it grow to what it is now, and it is something that no amount of words can describe.One should not care about what others think of you or what will happen if you take up a route that is not so common. Always follow your passion no matter what.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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