Harsh Verma

Harsh Verma

Firmtable, Teenskagram

The glints of media and the passion for opening the doors of unsaid true stories and information and imparting it to a broad audience drove Harsh to be the Co-founder of Teenskagram, which invites and polishes young people talents to the world.Although he did have an ethereal side behind him, he used to live with underconfidence, considered his fumbling speech as my pestering weakness, and was often judged upon by others. But that never stopped him. He took in all those criticisms but never absorbed them and constantly held on to his belief that ' I can do it.' And maybe he did it!He also was and will always be inclined towards community services and hence managed to contribute to many NGO services associated with their media venture.He owes the whole of his success to his parents, especially his father, as he inspired him and showed him the light where there wasn't any hope of it existing. He wishes and will make sure to make their lives secure and austerely happy.He has firm faith that no one should ever undermine their talents and instead should be the one who believes in those talents even the whole world thinks that it is just quotidian.Life has been harsh for him; starting this Entrepreneurial journey at this early stage with no experience and knowledge was a significant barrier. But their goals are set High. With this amazing and super talented team, they will add value to the youth of our country and will be the most trusted and honest media group.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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